Jenny Hastings – member story

Jenny Hastings is a recent recruit to our Walkfit classes after finding out about them when a Walkfit advert popped up on her Facebook feed. Jenny values the boost to her mental health that Walkfit provides – something that isn’t easy for anyone to talk about, let alone someone who is in the public eye and seemingly has everything. But she has done just that to raise awareness of mental health conditions.

When you’re married to rugby legend turned commentator Scott Hastings, it’s not easy to talk about your personal struggle with depression. But, bravely, Jenny and Scott Hastings have done just that.

In 2014, she sought help after feeling desperate through depression and last year she was reported missing after going out alone and being uncontactable. She was found suffering from the effects of exposure after walking around for hours and hours.

Now Jenny and Scott support organisations that provide good physical and mental health programmes.  One of those is the 100 Challenge where you run or walk 100 streets in a day or 100 miles in 100 days. Another is Jog Scotland and now she’s a firm advocate of Walkfit too.

Jenny likes the fact that Walkfit classes involve exercises as well as walking and she values our instructors’ clear advice on how to do those exercises correctly to avoid injury and maximise their effectiveness.

She said: “I loved my trial class. I was absolutely amazed. I go really happily three times a week now and there hasn’t been a moment yet when I’ve said to myself, maybe I’ll miss today.

“I didn’t expect the exercises. The instruction from Ryan Reid and Laura McLaren was first class. They were both so clear and helpful. I felt that they both explained how to do an exercise correctly and even though there was a large number of people there, you were still pushed. For instance, if you were in the front you had to peel off and do other exercises or walk to the back of the group so that everyone stayed together and the first or fastest people pushed themselves.

“I was intrigued by Walkfit because I’ve always done a lot of running myself and I’d already seen BMF classes in action in the park but I didn’t want to do things like that anymore. It captured my attention because it was a step down from that.

“The weather’s not been brilliant in Edinburgh recently but there’s still a way to do exercises in the rain. We use rails or benches to stay off the ground.

“I’ve made new friends because the same faces have come back to classes over and again, and they’re not all over 50s. There are people there from all different backgrounds.

“What’s great as well is that there’s no pressure because it’s not like you’re competing. You’ve got time to think and chat. It’s achievable for everyone and it’s such a fantastic way to get outside and improve your strength and mobility.”



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