Celia Corby is another Walkfit fan because it’s improved her golf and her given her more energy. She joined her local park in November 2016 and attends at least twice a week.

Celia said: “I thoroughly enjoy exercise and wanted something to do in the long winter days. I’d heard of BMF and thought it sounded fun but it’s not for my age group so my son said why don’t you try Walkfit and he described what it was. Well I love walking and being outdoors so I went along but I didn’t realise how much fun and how much hard work it would be. I don’t think the name Walkfit describes it adequately because it’s a really good work out which is perfect. We might do two or three minutes of walking and then do 10 minutes of exercises then set off walking again, so it’s continual. We’re usually having so much fun we don’t notice that the time has just flown by. While doing all the exercises there are conversations and banter going on all around you. I am delighted that I can do it and we can all do it as well or as little as we’re able on that particular day – whatever degree of exercising and ‘talkfit’ that we want.

Celia continued: “I make the time to go because it’s fun and if something gets in the way of it, it’s very annoying – that’s how much I enjoy it.

“I’ve made lots of friends and never met anyone there who I couldn’t get on with. We have to get to know each other because we often do paired exercises and we’re very welcoming to new people. I’m definitely healthier and in better shape. I also play golf and because my arms are stronger it’s enhanced my game. It also perks you up – my mind is clearer and I feel more energetic. That’s meant I’m doing some gardening and things around the house that I was just putting off before. I do much more with my time than I did before because I’m itching to get on with other things now. I also think that you’re never too old to do it.”

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