Tips on Walking

This week, The BBC have raised concerns over walking pace and inactivity in middle-aged people. 

If 10 minutes is something you struggle to do, why not take a look at these top walking techniques to see if you can develop your walking technique, allowing you to walk faster, further and more often! Or, join us at Walkfit (you can try a class absolutely free before committing) where we combine short stints of walking with low-impact body exercises. 

Stand tall, keep your head up and high. Do not arch your back and try not to lean neither forward nor back.

If you are stressed, your shoulders will be tight and raised. This tension then radiates into your neck and arms, and before you know it you are stressing your body; in turn burning more energy that you need for your walk. Stay relaxed and concentrate on where you are going.

Swinging arms
Use your arms when you walk to generate forward momentum. Your arms help your walking more than you think. Swing your arms to also increase calorific output.

Your core is the muscle group that surrounds your tummy (imagine wearing a wide belt). These muscles provide essential stability to your spine and should be activated while you walk. By maintaining the positioning mentioned above you will be ensuring these muscles are engaged and activated.

Avoid over-striding. This can cause pain and injury, and doesn’t help you to walk faster efficiently. Your stride should be longer behind your body, not in front. Your forward leg essentially has no power. It is the back leg that is propelling you forward. You get your power when you push off with your back leg.

WalkFit class, Old Deer Park, Richmond, London

When you’re walking your steps should have a rolling motion.

  • Your foot should hit the floor heel-first with your toes pulled up.
  • Roll through the step from heel to toe.
  • Push off with your toes and move into your next step.

If you’ve been inactive for some time, your shin muscles may feel a burning sensation. This will resolve as your shin muscles grow stronger with exercise, and you will find you’re comfortably able to walk further and faster. 

If you’re struggling to find the time or motivation to walk regularly each week, why not come along to a free Walkfit taster session. At Walkfit you’ll quickly make new friends who will motivate and encourage you to come to the class each week. On top of this we add in low-impact exercise to give you an all-body workout but at your own pace and ability. Many of our members find they can’t go a week without coming to a class as they’d miss it too much! 


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