What should I expect in a class?

The hour-long Walkfit classes combine low-impact exercises with walking. Our instructors are trained to ensure that everyone who takes part is able to keep up with the group; so, for example, the faster members may be given an extra distance to walk than those who are a little slower to ensure the group stays together.

Exercises range from fun games to partner exercises where you will use the resistance of another person. Sometimes the classes will include kit and you may use existing structures in the park too. You will never be pushed beyond your limit, so the class will be tailored to just what you are able to comfortably achieve.

Will I be fit enough to take part?

Yes, the classes cater for all fitness abilities. You will be able to go at your own pace and with the support of the highly-trained instructor achieve your own fitness goals at your own speed.

What should I wear?

Shorts, jogging bottoms or leggings are perfect as they allow you a good range of movement.
DO: Wear loose-fitting or stretchy clothing in breathable fabrics.
DO: Avoid jeans if possible as they don’t have much give.
DON’T: Worry! The main thing is that you can comfortably walk around for an hour or so in what you’re wearing

A cotton or technical t-shirt and a light jacket that you can remove and tie around your waist if you get warm are ideal.
You will be getting a bit of a glow as you move around and increase your heart rate, so wearing thin layers is advisable as you can remove one or add one to regulate your temperature.
DO: Have had a look at the weather forecast if you can and make that light jacket a waterproof one if necessary
DO: Leave thicker jackets in your car or in our van if it’s warmer than you expect once you arrive at the park.

Comfortable closed-toe trainers or hiking boots that support your feet and have a good grip are ideal
DON’T: Invest in expensive gear – trainers that have been worn in a little are better than brand new shoes that might give you blisters.

What should I bring with me?

DO: Bring walking sticks or poles if they help your mobility.
DON’T: Carry water or a rucksack as your instructor will bring several bottles that are shared by squirting the water in your mouth.
DO: Bring a drink for after the class, or some money so you can buy a coffee to go with your post-class gossip at a nearby café!
DO: Slap on the sunscreen and bring some shades, a hat or baseball cap to protect you from UV rays if we’ve got some sun! Conversely, bring some gloves if it’s very cold.

We all know the British weather can change at the drop of a hat, so members often bring a warmer jacket to put on after class, especially if they’re staying around for that coffee and catch up!

How do I sign up to be a member?

You can sign up at the park after your first free trial class – your instructor will be able to arrange that for you. Alternatively you can email fitness@britmilfit.com or call 0208 996 2220 to speak to the membership team and they will arrange your membership for you.

If I'm a BMF member can I join?

Yes, as a BMF member you can join Walkfit at no extra cost.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately dogs are not allowed at Walkfit classes