The walking version of British Military Fitness

Walkfit – the walking version of British Military Fitness – is a low impact, fun, outdoor workout involving bodyweight exercises mingled with brisk walking to burn calories and keep your heart healthy.

There’s plenty of banter too because classes are led by qualified military instructors with the skills to motivate you to get stronger and more mobile – all in your local park.

Unlike the slightly sweatier BMF classes, you’re even allowed a bit of Talkfit at Walkfit so it’s a social occasion too!

Why choose Walkfit


Walkfit is low intensity exercise – but it’s entertaining, fast moving fun. You won’t ever be asked to ‘drop and give me twenty’! We keep you interested and keep you moving by packing the class full of new activities and games which will make the effort enjoyable and above all, fun.


At Walkfit you’ll be with like minded people. You’ll encourage each other, enjoy a little healthy competition or partner up with people to do fun games and activities. In a Walkfit class you’ll be able to chat and socialise as you exercise – so you can look forward to seeing your fellow members each week, and experience the motivation of training as a group together.

Member Stories

Jean Hedden – member story

Jean Hedden, 75, said: “I found out about Walkfit as I am always walking solo in the park to keep fit and saw the ‘top notchers’ doing press ups and...
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George Pownall – member story

George Pownall, 74, a retired documentary film-maker and writer, drives from his home near Clapham to take part in classes at Dulwich Park He said: “I used to play tennis...
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Celia Corby – member story

Celia Corby is another Walkfit fan because it’s improved her golf and her given her more energy. She joined her local park in November 2016 and attends at least twice...
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Carol Hutchings – members story

Carol Hutchings from Cheam who’s 67 said: “I absolutely love Walkfit. I’d go so far as to say it saved my life really. I have been going to classes at...
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